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JerseyCat: interlibrary loan

JerseyCat is a free statewide interlibrary loan service. It provides members with interlibrary loan materials from both New Jersey and out-of-state libraries. JerseyCat membership is open to any library (public, academic, school or special) which is a member of LibraryLinkNJ. If your library would like to join JerseyCat, please contact Casey Confoy at

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  • JerseyCat Staff URL Information

    Staff Interface Instructions: Follow these directions to get to the staff interface:

    Please enter this URL manually into your browser. Do not cut and paste or copy the link.

    Delete the XYZ at the end of the URL and replace it with with your library's JerseyCat symbol. This will take you to the page as you know it.

    After you have brought up the page, you can bookmark it for future access.

  • Auto-Graphics releases Agent Version 3.10 for JerseyCat

    AutoGraphics has made an upgrade to the JerseyCat system, which took effect June 19. Details of the corrections, changes and enhancements can be accessed by going to the AGent NEws tab on the Staff Menu page of JerseyCat. It appears that most of the changes are behind the scenes and will not require any adjustments or new actions by users. If, however, you do see any glitches or problems, please contact Casey Confoy at

  • JerseyCat Update - Fall 2011

    News from AG’s User Group Meeting (September 26 – October 6, 2011)

    Session 1 - NCIP

    (From AG):

    “Throughout 2011, Auto-Graphics has continued to dedicate significant resources to NCIP development. While we are working diligently to integrate NCIP into Agent, we have experienced roadblocks with some ILS vendors who are not willing to dedicate the time and resources necessary to implement NCIP.

  • JerseyCat 3.5 Upgrade Scheduled for Tuesday Evening, January 26

    JerseyCat will be upgraded the evening of January 26th. The following features will be part of this upgrade. This upgrade will be correcting various items that have been reported to Auto-Graphics over the past few months. Please note some added features you may want to use:

    • When the NEED BY date for a request passes the request is placed in the EXPIRED status. You may now move this request to an APPROVED - SEND status if your customer still can use the material.
  • Please Update Your Lending Policies

    It is important that your library's Lending Policy information is kept current. To do this you need to go to:
    Staff Menu
    ILL Admin
    Maintain Participant Record
    Lending Policy link is at the bottom.

    1. Lending Policy improvements – Auto-Graphics has made a number of improvements to the Lending Policy functionality. They include:

    a. Use more lending policies in building the lender list

  • JerseyCat Goes ISO!

      Have you noticed something new about JerseyCat?

    On July 23, 2007 the JerseyCat+ staff submitted our first ISO compliant interlibrary loan request from JerseyCat to an OCLC lending library. The request was for a customer from Mount Laurel Public Library and the item was shipped from the Free Library of Philadelphia.

    What does ISO mean for JerseyCat?
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